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About infection control measures

  • Dear customer

    Thank you for your continued support of Hitoyoshi Onsen Shirasagiso.
    At this facility, in consideration of the health and safety of the new coronavirus infectious disease, the health of the customer and staff are taken into consideration, and all staff are taking steps to prevent the spread of infection as follows.

    1. We thoroughly check the physical condition of all staff and wash and disinfect them with soap.
    2. Staff may wear masks to prevent infection.
    3. Please wear a mask when you come to the hotel.
    Four. Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places in this facility, so please use them actively.
    Five. We regularly disinfect and sterilize the areas that come into contact with customers' hands.
    6. We thoroughly ventilate the facility and restaurants.
    7. 7. In the past, meals were served as full-course meals, so we offered one meal at a time, but during the preventive measures period, to avoid three crowds,
      We reduce the number of servings and serve several dishes at the same time.(There is no change in the meal content)
      As for the restaurant, we will continue to provide information in private rooms for each guest as before.
    8. Please understand that some regular services may be suspended without notice during the preventive measures period.

    We will continue to update the preventive measures for the spread of infection according to the situation, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

                                May 2, Reiwa
                               Hitoyoshi Onsen Shirasagiso