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The history of Shirasagiso

  • Shirasagiso at the time of its establishment
    Built as a private home in the first generation, Kinai Takayama.

    After that, the Wakimizu Pond on the vast site of about 2000 tsubo was divided into eight, and the carp and eel fish farm was started.

    Since it is located in a mountainous village, we started raising carp to secure a protein source.

    From that flow, he decided to pay carp dishes to a nearby hot spring inn, and soon he started a restaurant.

    Although the Main building at that time was a two-story building, although it was completely destroyed once by the typhoon of Showa (time period), it reaches the rebuilding of the current flat shop using the original timber.

    Since then, it has survived floods and typhoons many times and has continued to operate.
    It was devastated by the Kumamoto heavy rain disaster in July 2nd year of Reiwa.
    The house was completely destroyed, and the Main building, the hot spring building, and the two separate buildings were all demolished.

    As of 4th year of Reiwa,Under reconstruction.
  • ●Shirasagiso around Shirasagiso (Around Showa (time period))

    There were still few buildings around Shirasagiso at that time, and a quiet rural landscape was spreading.
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