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Cooking introduction

Cooking introduction

Restaurants and inns are located in the grounds of about 2000 tsubo, source fresh hot springs, and you can taste regional dishes like Yamasato and Kuma Shochu.Ayu, mountain women, and pot dishes are mainly reputed for wild boar, duck hot pot, and soup pot with a focus on cooking rich in vitamin B.Among them, regardless of the season, the carp we can eat all the year is said to be the best food to protect the liver, it is said to be a fish to improve the diet therapy of kidney disease and blood flow.
  • Carp dish

    Shirasagi Set (meal)【plum】¥ 2,000
    Koi wash ¥ 700
    Koiku sauce ¥ 600
    Carp's Nambarans ¥ 500
    Koakuku ¥ 300
    Koi's Sashimi, Daimyo making \ 800
    Koi's Sashimi, Horn cut ¥ 800
    Koi's Sashimi, Thin slurry ¥ 800
    Carp flying up from ¥ 4,000
    From the active production of carp from ¥ 8,000

    Carp Arai Set (meal) ¥ 1,500(Vinegar, small bowl, Carp cleaning, Vapor, rice, Carp, Fragrance)
    Carp Ankake Set (meal) ¥ 1,500(Vinegar, small bowl, Koi Namba, Vapor, rice, Carp, Fragrance)
    Carp Namban Set (meal) ¥ 1,500(Vinegar, small bowl, Soup of Koi, Vapor, rice, Carp, Fragrance)(All taxes)
  • Ayu cooking, *Changed to grandfather fish in winter

    Salt-grilled ¥ 700*Change to natural ayu
    Grilled miso ¥ 700*Change to natural ayu
    Sweet cooked ¥ 800*Change to natural ayu
    Sashimi ¥ 1,000
    Back seat ¥ 800
    Fried chicken ¥ 700
    Tempura ¥ 1,000
    Obtains 500 yen, (All taxes)
  • casserole

  • Celebration of the first meal & first festival will be received

    ●Eatersetting set ¥ 3,500(tax excluded)
    * Please order one order per person according to the above.

    ●First celebration celebration course · 1 person ¥ 3,500
    * We will receive according to your budget.Please feel free to contact us.