A hot spring hotel where you can enjoy local dishes like Yamazato in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture and hot spring with hot spring water. Founded over 100 years. A well-established river fish. It is also possible to use the hot spring only for meals.

【Official】Hitoyoshi Onsen Shirasagiso


Since our establishment, the store has carefully preserved the taste of the old warmth and hometown as a long-established store with a variety of regional dishes, salmon and river fish dishes each season.

It is said that carp dishes, made by swimming in clear water and tightening themselves, have no odor, have a good crunch, have many medicinal effects, and are rich in nutritional value.
It is a dish that has been well-received for its delicious taste and body.

In the summer, enjoy sweet and regional cuisine such as mountain fish and wild boar in winter.

We will treat you with all your heart.

Menu other than river fish dishes is also available.

Shrine visit, first festival, Shichigosan 3, entrance celebration, Forgetness annual meeting, various celebrations, legal affairs etc. We receive.

It is also possible to use the hot spring only for meals.

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The history of Shirasagiso

  • The history of Shirasagiso

    Built as a private home in the first generation, Kinai Takayama.

    After that, we started dividing the Wakimizu Pond in the vast premises of about 2000 tsubo into eight, and then ran the carp fish farm. Since it is located in a mountainous village, we started raising carp to secure a protein source.
    Due to this trend, carp dishes will be paid to a nearby hot spring resort, and soon a restaurant will be run.

    Although the Main building at that time was a two-story building, although it was completely destroyed once by the typhoon of Showa (time period), it reaches the rebuilding of the current flat shop using the original timber.

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    It is an animation introduction of "Hotaru" apart.

    Guest room features: 36sq. Meter Japanese-style room ・ It is a recommended room for popular 3 generation travel and group travel.

Store Guide

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Hotel Name

Hitoyoshi Onsen Shirasagiso


2647-2 Shimobayashi Town, Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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●Access guidance: About 7 minutes by car from JR Hitoyoshi Station and about 10 minutes by car from Kyushu Highway Hitoyoshi IC on Kyushu Highway Hitoyoshi IC Enter the road between Shirasagiso signboard and Daily Milk Hitoyoshi and go deeper

●Opening Hours: 11: 30-15: 00(LO 14: 30) 18: 00-22: 00(LO 20: 00)

●Closed: Non-fixed holidays (stated on the closing day page)

※Parking:30 regular cars·2 large buses·Parking available

●【About navigation search when coming by car】
1. Set destination setting for car navigation to "Derry Milk Hitoyoshi"
2. Enter the road between Shirasagiso signboard and Daily Milk Hitoyoshi, and go straight to this facility
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  • Takeaway

    Enjoy the taste of a local restaurant at home.
    For souvenirs.In dish of tonight.
    We also accept Hachimori for various celebrations and home parties.

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